ARE you sitting comfortably?

Then you're probably not a pupil at the Sittingbottom School for Animals, where the rule says you have to sit on something that rhymes with your name.

That's fine if you're a cat – cats sit on mats.

Not so good if you're a whale – whales sit on nails.

But what happens if you're a frog who doesn’t fancy sitting on a log (too many splinters?).

The Oi Frog & Friends Company are here to tell you with their delightfully funny and inventive insight into the wonderful rhyming world of Kes Gray and Jim Field's storybook.

Rule-keeper Cat, played with proper primness by Lucy Tuck takes no nonsense from Frog, played with cheery innocence and dexterity by Robin Hemmings.

Trying to keep the peace is the amiable Dog – a particularly pleasing man-sized puppet with a warm, rich baritone supplied by Darren Seed.

An assortment of extra animal characters from a cheetah to a gnu appear via the versatile Simon Yadoo – his elephant's trunk has a seemingly endless supply of water spray.

Yes, there's definitely a high degree of audience participation in this show.

This musical ensemble piece is a masterclass in puppetry and storytelling invention.

It sets off on a rhyming adventure that the young audience find irresistible.

From the moment the company appear – dressed in traditional teacher’s caps and gowns – to register new recruits to Sittingbottom School, the audience are hooked.

But this is also a tale of friendship, embracing difference and caring for each other.

Emma Earle's direction keeps the action up to speed with the pace of a skipping rhyme.

Zoe Squire's design is simple but so effective.

Emma and Zoe's script is fun and fast-paced.

Yvonne Stone’s puppets add that magical dimension that we all have in abundance when we’re three years old.

It skips along for a full 45 minutes – no interval.

On this occasion there was a somewhat lengthy registration period while everyone found their seats which could present some issues for little ones.

But it's a fine testament to the cast's abilities that the attention was held throughout.

Fantastic family friendly fun. 

Four stars.

The show's Liverpool Playhouse run ends on Saturday.

Tickets from 0151 709 4776.