GLOBE columnist Peter Grant - author of the book Mersey Mastermind - takes your mind off Coronavirus with his Mother's Day music Quiz.

1: "Momma, just killed a man ..." is the opening line from which Queen song?

a) Another one bites the dust

b) Killer Queen

c) Bohemian Rhapsody

2: In which year did Abba release their single Mama Mia?

a) 1974

b) 1975

c) 1976

3: In which year did Abba have a number four UK hit with Does your mother know?

a) 1978

b) 1979

c) 1980 

4: Which solo Beatle wrote a haunting autobiographical song called Mother?

a) Paul McCartney

b) George Harrison

c) John Lennon

5: In which Beatle film will you hear the song Your Mother should Know?

a) A Hard Day's Night

b) Help!

c) Magical Mystery Tour.

6: Who had a hit with a cover version of Ma He's Making Eyes at Me?

a) Shirley Temple

b) Lena Zavaroni

c) Bonnie Langford

7: Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth was a hit for which '70s and '80s band?

a) Sparks

b) Simple Minds

c) U2

8: In what year did Genesis have a hit with Mama?

a) 1983

b) 1985

c) 1987

9: In which year did The Spice Girls' reach number one with Mama?

a) 1994

b) 1995

c) 1996

10: Who had a hit with Mother of Mine in 1971?

a) Aled Jones

b) St Winifred's School Choir

c) Neil Reid

11: Tom Jones and The Stereophonics released Mama Told Me Not to Come in 1999. What position did it reach in the chart?

a) 1

b) 4

c) 9

12: Ma Baker was a disco hit for which 70s band?

a) Boney M

b) Odyssey

c) Paper Lace

Answers: 1) c; 2)b; 3);b; 4 )c; 5) c; 6);b; 7)a; 8)a; 9)c; 10)c; 11)b; 12)a.