I am a mother who had a baby during lockdown and have a lively toddler who loves the playground.

I do not see why the council cannot erect signs re social distancing and recommend hand gel.

This is less of a risk to permit children into playgrounds when Scotland permits under 12s to associate without social distancing, people are permitted to sit on park benches without the council having hand gel stations next to them, and people are allowed into pubs and cafes again?

Parents of under school age children are being ignored during this Covid crisis.

We cannot be supported by grandparents as children need to be touched and hugged, cannot go to playgroups, libraries or breastfeeding groups.

How does the council intend to deal with the postnatal depression and effect on children this isolation will cause?

Surely only the rich have any support with nursery places or childminders if the parents want and can afford them.

Again, this is yet another example of the Covid crisis widening social inequalities.

The council is aiding this by their inaction.

Jo Brady, by email