I WOULD like to appeal to your readers to give a brave and special young person in your area the credit they deserve by nominating them for the 2021 WellChild Awards.

I think we all need a boost of positive news to get us through a tough time.

At the WellChild Awards 2021 we will be paying a public tribute to some of the UK’s very special children, young people and caring professionals.

There must be many worthy nominees in your area whose courage, inspirational qualities and bravery in the face of adversity mean they deserve their moment to shine.

So many families have felt forgotten during COVID-19, through the WellChild Awards it is time to hear their stories, shine a light on the challenges they have faced and recognise their strength and resilience.

We are looking for inspirational children and young people who have defied the odds in the face of serious illness and the selfless nurses, doctors, brothers, sisters and friends who help care for them.

This is your opportunity to give them the recognition they deserve.

Nominations for the 2021 WellChild Awards are open now so I would like to appeal to your readers to get yours in before the closing date on Monday December 14 at noon.

Details of how to nominate are on WellChild’s website https:// www.wellchild.org.uk/awards/ or by calling 01242 530007.

If you know someone who deserves to be recognised then please show them just how special they are.

Gaby Roslin WellChild Ambassador